Polish Driving Licence Help


Questions are displayed randomly. It is not possible to return to a question that has not been answered.

The theoretical examination lasts 25 minutes and includes 20 questions from basic knowledge and 12 questions with specialist knowledge.

Every basic question has 20 seconds to read it and 15 seconds to answer, every specialized question has 50 seconds to answer.

Each question has only one correct answer.

There are 10 questions for 3 points, 6 questions for 2 points and 2 questions for 1 point in basic part of the exam.

In the specialist part (for individual categories): 6 questions for 3 points, 4 questions for 2 points, 2 questions for 1 point.

The total of possible points is 74.

To pass the theoretical exam you need to score at least 68 points.

Your answers

There are only the answers you displayed during the last exam.

If you answered the question your answer would be in MAGENTA color.

If you wish to check the proper answer you should tap the button and you would see the information in GREEN.

You cannot answer here.

Alternatively, after pressing the [Your answers grid], buttons will appear for all your responses ( green correct, red incorrect or missing ).

Videos can be repeated.


After selecting a section on the Learning page, while studying, you can, among others:
– check answer
– display the legal basis of the question
– display an explanation of the question.

You can answer questions here without a time limit (however, the Your Answers section is only available for the answers from the Exam section).